12 October 2007

The Tangled Web We Weave

We've got a great edition of "Down the Blogroll" here today, as several right-minded bloggers are putting good stuff out there.

Do you have a right-leaning blog and want to have your stuff featured here? Leave a comment with your link.

Yesterday, we put out the weekly e-newsletter, "The Republican Heard 10-11-2007", and included the Chairman's article about the tiff between Senate Democrat Leader Don "The Toy Hammer" Williams and Sen. Joan Hartley. Shortly thereafter, the blogosphere got to work.

Over at CT Local Politics, Genghis Conn featured Hartley's quote from the Waterbury Republican as the Quote of the Day.

Then Headless Horseman got involved with a hilarious post aptly titled, Joanie Doesn't Love Chachie. The takeaway line: "At least she would have staff, perhaps a ranking membership or two, and most certainly a place to park. Best of all, "Chachi" Williams can kiss any future veto overrides goodbye."

And Don Pesci over at Connecticut Commentary weighed in with an equally good post, "Jean D'Arc Lives".