12 October 2007

Cappiello Shows his Stripes

Suspiciously buried at the bottom of an incredibly suggestive Hartford Courant article today, is a pretty clear example of Senate David Cappiello's character:

"More recently, after reading a Courant report about Galante contributions to a DeLuca political action committee, Cappiello said he became concerned about contributions he had received. He said he began "Googling" the names of donors to his political action committee. As a result, he said he learned that one of his contributors had been indicted with Galante.

With that knowledge, Cappiello said he contacted state and federal authorities, whose identities he would not disclose.

"I met with them a few times, and they informed me that, yes, indeed, that there were contributions to the PAC that were illegal," Cappiello said.

Cappiello said he has not been told he is any legal trouble and will continue his campaign.

"I came to [the authorities] and cooperated to the best of my ability because I like to make sure that everything is being done appropriately," he said.


Anonymous said...

Probably the first to point out how this goes to his character. You are absolutely right about Cappiello, he was caught in a tough spot it looks like after everything with DeLuca and instead of trying to hide anything when he became aware of problems he went to the proper authorities and brought it to their attention. The Courant and so many others will try to make a story out of this and make it look bad for Cappiello. But given everything I've read so far it only shows his honesty and what we expect from our elected officials and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

David Cappiello is the good guy here.

We should be celebrating the courage he has demonstrated in this case in order to stop this kind of abuse of the integrity of our campaign finance system.

Most importantly, Cappielo is the FIRST elected official that I know of who VOLUNTARILY offered the Government records of his former Political Action Committee to assist in the investigation of James Galante.