11 October 2007

Big Don to Hartley - "Park on the Street!"

It now turns out that the Democratic leadership have made a 10 by 12 foot parking space the most expensive piece of real estate in the country. Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr., D-Putnam, who earlier this year led his caucus to raise tax by $1.6 billion, told State Sen. Joan Hartley, D-Waterbury, that if she didn't vote to override Gov. Rell's veto of the their $3.2 billion bond package, he would strip Hartley of her committee chairmanship, her staff and her parking space.

Hartley has said she would not join her caucus to override unless $1.4 billion is removed from the bloated proposal that is earmarked for the Connecticut State University system. Hartley is co-chair of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee and believes rightly that project deserves a separate bill and debate.

She told the Waterbury Republican yesterday that Williams told her to get in line or pay the consequences.

"They told me I had to support this, and if I didn't then the benefits of the caucus wouldn't be available to me, and I would lose my committee chair, my office and my parking space," said Hartley.

Williams has shown a deft touch with his troops since he took over from Kevin Sullivan, who despite having one of the most dyspeptic personalities in recent memory, could at least count.

When Democrats rammed through their budget proposal during the recent legislative session, Williams crowed that he would have the 24 votes needed to withstand a veto from Governor Rell. Williams engineered two tax votes but only came up with 19 Democratic senators.

Now, with Hartley firmly dug in, Williams has retreated, saying he hoped to work out another deal for a different bond package. The Governor has offered another proposal that take care of school construction projects and other proposals that pass fiscal muster.

"At this point, Sen. Hartley is not the issue. At this point, it is about getting a new bonding bill that we can put on the governor's desk," Williams said.


Judy Aron said...

Yet another prime example of an elected official (Williams) using coersion and harassment to get what he wants. Shame on him, and if I were Hartley I would bring him up on charges of coersion, which in this state is against the law!

Talk about ethics!

How can we possibly have any kind of meaningful ethics reform in the State legislature with people like Williams continuing to act like the overbearing bullies that they are.

They think that DeLuca was a bad boy? The culture up in the CGA is rife with this kind of nonsense.

I applaud Hartley - she is a woman of ethics and standards and I don't give a whit what party she has placed on her voter registration card, I support her fully in her quest for accountability to the taxpayer!

She gets my vote for legislator of the year!

SBeaujon said...

Right on the money Mr. Chairman! you've got the "bully pulpit" people need to hear about elected leaders like Sen. Hartley and the antics being played in Hartford.