11 October 2007

Sullivan's Ship Comes In

The Day is reporting that Sean Sullivan, the 2nd District Republican that will be challenging Rep. Joe Courtney next year has raised $100k this quarter, marking a significant jump over last quarter. From The Day:

"I'm pleased to report that I'm ahead of the goals I set for myself, and I'm confident that I'm going to wage a successful campaign," Sullivan said. He addressed a handful of reporters at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

"They don't understand why it is they just can't all be big people down there," Sullivan said. "Everyone just seems to always be positioning for an argument to be made in the future, rather than a problem that exists now."


Anonymous said...

wha wha we wha! 100K

Courtney's shakin in his boots.

Heath - Exec Dir said...

Anonymous commenters are so bold.

Anonymous said...

Really,...would be any bolder if I had a name like Headless Horseman?

Heath - Exec Dir said...

He can speak for himself. We put our name on what we write here.

Heath W. Fahle
Executive Director
Connecticut Republicans

TrueBlueCT said...


You guys going to throw in behind Sullivan, or Cappiello, or both? Or is your money better spent on Statehouse races?

Smart money would think you'd be better off waiting until 2010, with the idea a Hillary presidency would give you something to run against, (instead of having to deal with the negative Bush legacy.)

You're best chance of having a CT Republican in the House is of course McKinney. Are you guys going to get Shays to retire?

Heath - Exec Dir said...

We will be supporting all of our Republican candidates, both in 2008, 2010, and beyond.