07 November 2007

Election 2007 - A Great Night - A New Day for GOP

If 2006 was our Dunkirk, then 2007 was our Battle of Britain. Municipal elections are a special class of political combat.The candidates are from the fabric of the communities they seek to lead. They are fought street by street, and the game is tough, personal at times, devastating in defeat and exhilarating in victory.

But the Republican successes last night were based on a simple premise - when you set a strong agenda, show the voters you are willing to fight for their votes and throw a punch when needed - victory is certain.

Republicans throughout Connecticut should be proud in their accomplishments both in triumph and loss. Our Republicans Mayors in the major cities came away with historic wins - Mark Boughton in Danbury, Dick Moccia in Norwalk, Tim Stewart in New Britain, Seb Giuliano in Middletown, Jim Richetelli in Milford, Marc Lauretti in Shelton, Ryan Bingham in Torrington, Peter Tesei in Greenwich and William Dickinson, Jr. in Wallingford. Tuesday's win by Dickinson was his 13th in a row.

And our new Mayors - Jason McCoy in Vernon, Mayor Lou Spadaccini in Manchester and Mayor Scott Kaupin in Enfield are a reflection of stellar candidates and hard work which defied the long odds in towns long held by Democrats. It was the first time in 16 years the Republicans have won control of the Board of Directors in Manchester and first time in 35 years that the Manchester Republicans have won the Board of Education at the same time. Republicans took control of the Town Council in East Hampton (home of former Gov. William O'Neill) and East Haddam (home of U.S. Senator Chris Dodd.)

Republicans defeated Democrats across the state with message driven campaigns of lower taxes, quality education and open government. After losing a race for the legislature in 2006, businessman Paul Formica, swept the Republicans to power in East Lyme, State Central Committeeman Jeff Wright in Newington won the Mayor's race based on capping taxes, and Town Clerk Laura Francis pledged accessible governance by taking the Selectman's race in Durham.

And for those who didn't win Tuesday night, there should be no tears but respect for what they did. Ken Johnson in Bristol, Ken Wilson in Guilford, John Nelson in Fairfield, John Opie in Branford, Candy Pacholski-Jones in Harwinton, J. Stan McCauley in Hartford, Ric Elser in New Haven and Mike Garrett in Bridgeport are just some of our team who tirelessly took the fight to the Democrats and acquitted themselves with honor. We know and hope they will be back for future battles and victory nights.

To those who were defeated, their losses didn't diminish what they accomplished or how they ran. Defeat in politics is the most personal of all setbacks. But no one who came up short lost their conviction or respect from this party in the process. Tom Scarpati in Madison, Tom Vincent in Simsbury, Bill Brown in Stonington, Kevin Kopentz in North Haven, Judith Kramptiz in Plymouth and Ann Hatfield in Griswold are all exemplary public servants and have improved the lives of their towns by their service. No defeat will take away what they and their families have given to our party and their towns.

We won and lost as a team - led by Governor Rell, Lt. Governor Fedele and Congressman Chris Shays - who lent their time, prestige and reputations to all our campaigns whenever and where ever they were needed.

Operation Main Street has concluded successfully. New activists have joined our ranks, donors have responded to our call and the people will be well served by our Republican leaders.

We are now ready to engage in the Mother of All Battle's - Campaign 2008 - to win back the State House and State Senate, to reelect Chris Shays, to elect a Republican President and Republicans in the First, Second, Third and Fifth Congressional Districts.

The battle for the future of Connecticut has begun.


Melissa Ziobron said...

It was nice to see our State Central Rep, Neil Nichols at our "heated livingroom tent" on election day.It was quite a day with great food, cider, and supporters.I want my fellow Republicans to know what a great team we have in East Haddam. Building that team took several years and that should be the focus at the State level for bringing great canidiates forward for all the races to come in 2008. For the record, Mark Walter and Emmett Lyman are the first Republican majority on the Board of Selectmen in over 30 years!
We began our victory party with a moment of silence honoring our great friend and supporter Manny Misenti. Manny passed away last month. He was a great man and we miss him. One of Manny's favorite sayings was: Sunshine is the best disenfectant. Thanks Manny for the beautiful and sunny November 7, 2007!

Anonymous said...

You folks can't even get North Haven's First Selectman's name right! It's Kevin Kopetz, not Kopentz. He served the public as First Selectman for 7 years and will be sorely missed. The North Haven Democrats ran a very negative campaign, received a good deal of help and $ from the State Dems and deceived voters. The loss can be attributed to the disturbing trend across the State - the liberals are winning. Negativity, cybersmear and dirty tricks are becoming common place. If the Connecticut Republicans don't get our act together soon, I fear that the State will be overrun by the dems. I am not alone in my opinions - I have spoken and continue to speak to Rs from all over the state - North Haven, East Haven, Wallingford, Madison, Darien and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Now, it is time to see what we can do to create a 'RISING TIDE' to make Connecticut into a battleground state.
What we need to do is toRecapture the 2nd and 5th CD by running people who are FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE and Social Moderates. (We need to talk about lowering taxes, creating Free Markets for the HEALTH CARE and Most IMPORTANTLY, talk about the War On Terror. (Yes, even show the WTC on fire.). If we can get CD2 and the 5th back (the 2nd went to Courtney by 82 votes, and Simmons did a fine job of being graceful. (Here in FL the Democrat lost by 300+ votes and demanded to be allowed to sit in Congress. The difference between Republicans and Democrats).
Capturing the State houses will be hard, but with Jodi's approval ratings in the 70s, we need to get some small business leaders - yes, not lawyers but people who can see what taxes does to a company.
Talk about economic isues, Jobs, Taxes the quality of life. (Editor's note: The gentleman who ran for the Mayor of Hartford, see if he wants to run for state senate. He has some GREAT IDEAS!!) Talk about mass transit, yes, Commuter rail from Hartford to Waterbury and eastward. (The DEP needs to give some railtrails back to the DOT!). Create insentives for business to use trains -- to get trucks off the highways. Promote green and non traditional industries - like Boatbuilding. Also become a right to work state, so people can elect to join a UNION.
I believe Connecticut citizens are FED UP with taxes. I believe if you talk about lowering taxes, crime and QUALITY OF LIFE, Republicans can win.