07 November 2007

Election Day Wrap Up

I'll be wrapping up yesterday's results throughout the day as we sort through the returns from a mixed bag Election Day. Connecticut Republicans did very well in a number of towns while suffering tough defeats in other towns. Genghis Conn has his maps up. Check them out. We'll do our analysis and post it as we complete it.

In The Everyday Republican news, we smashed all previous records for page views and visitors yesterday, with 527 visitors viewing the official blog of the Connecticut Republican Party a whopping 2307 times. It was our biggest day on record, surpassing the '07 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner Liveblog by about 100 visitors.

And it is humbling to be recognized by our peers in the blogosphere for our hard work last night covering the election returns. CTLP recognized us a couple of times for the work and even our ideological nemesis MyLeftNutmeg had a backhanded compliment, in the form of raised eyebrows toward their own State Central Committee. Some of the comments seem to indicate that MLNers were tracking the results here, as well. Thank you to all for your kind words.

We've got more results trickling in this morning, and lots of legislative/council data that we just couldn't get published in flurry. Stay tuned...