07 November 2007

The Governor is Quite Popular in this State

Quinnipiac has a poll out this morning indicating that Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell is quite popular in the State of Connecticut. 77% of Connecticut's residents approve of the job being done by Gov. Rell. Only a dyspeptic 14% disapprove of the Governor's work.

Also in the poll - because well, why not? - Connecticut approves of the death penalty, 63% - 27%, 72% believe that the parole system is too lenient, and 73% favor the death penalty for the Cheshire killers.


carser said...

I'm glad the governor has a high rating. She'd do even better if she straightened out the failing foster care program in CT. The number of family members who are trying to care for children is growning. They are mainly grandparents, but other family members as well. They are legally entitled to receive some foster care money, but many don't because the system is set up to discourage them. The funding comes from the Social Security Administration. The money goes to CT which is then supposed to pay the caregivers. If DCF drags its feet, the money stays in the state treasury. Social security continues to send the money and the child does not get it until all the paperwork is done. Sometimes this takes months and if the caregiver gives up, the state keeps the money. It is a sad thing when the state is richer for not paying for the children it is supposed to be protecting.

Anonymous said...

It is a very interesting poll. Only 35% of Connecticut residents support the three-strikes proposal.