08 October 2007

Press Drools as Thompson Steps into Debate

In what feels like the 600th Republican candidates Presidential debate (including the very interesting one that we attended on September 5th), Senator Fred Thompson will take to the stage in the MSNBC/CNBC/Wall Street Journal economic issues debate. And, if you failed to notice from the plethora of articles that cut straight to analyzing Thompson's presence, the other candidates will be there too.

Fred Thompson has been something of an early flop, or so it seems thus far, mostly because his announcement was not immediately followed by strapping on walking sandals, and taking a stroll across Lake Winnipesaukee. Short of Divinity, (which with Thompson, of course, is an issue for this guy , this guy, - rather - this guy - sorry.), all that the former Tennessee Senator can do is attempt to make it on stage without tripping and falling, stand at the podium without electrocuting himself, and then hope that bolts of lightning come out of his arse. Though one must confess that such an event would make the debate surely worth watching, at least more so than now.