23 October 2007

Dodd: "Is it Heaven? No, it was Connecticut!"

Now that U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd has officially abandoned Connecticut for the plains of Iowa, we thought of that moment when all men's crazy dreams are often fulfilled - in the movies.

Chris Dodd will be President when Tony Soprano is the Pope. Yet, Chris Dodd moves his family to Iowa, enlists his daughter in kindergarten and thinks this will move people to votes. Ain't going to happen, Chris, now way, never, ever. In the meantime, Dodd has blown off many of duties as chairman of the Banks Committee in D.C. and has rarely set forth here in Connecticut except to see if his pipes will freeze in Haddam.

And Dodd has to figure out of way to get up earlier in the morning. Chris, people in Iowa are up at 3:00 a.m. They actually work hard there. So when you show up on TV, try and get some more pancake on those eyes of yours. You look like a bee stuck you.

One could argue that Governor Rell should appoint a replacement now that you have vacated the office. There are many Republicans who are ready to go to work for Connecticut on a full-time basis. And stop this nonsense about keeping your options over in 2010. Dick Blumenthal needs something to live for.

But, I do hope you go the distance.