23 October 2007

Debate Post Mortem, A Coup, and Ron Paul

Trying to answer that age-old question, "Who will be the 44th President of the United States?"

The Fred Thompson campaign is polling their supporters as to the best Thompson line of the debate on Sunday evening. Pick yours now by visiting the Fred File and casting your vote. You can also get your Fred Gear as a Fred Combo Deal.

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gets a very favorable write-up by Newsweek this week. I couldn't find any combo deals on his website, which seems to be down at the moment.

A Bay State coup for the Giuliani campaign, as the former State Treasurer is endorsing Mayor Rudy Giuliani's campaign for President instead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The Giuliani campaign has very nifty tumblers for sale.

Tom Tancredo's campaign is attacking Mike Huckabee - certainly a sign that Mike Huckabee is on the rise, or else a sign that Tom Tancredo is really swatting at flies.

And, by popular demand, Ron Paul is touting some impressive fundraising numbers today, and his radio advertisements that are on the airwaves in a half dozen early primary states. Let the Revolution begin.