12 October 2007

Another Inconvienence

Today's sign of the apocolypse is that Al Gore, of all people, is the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Even Al will agree with me on this one - the world is in great danger.

The Fred Thompson for President campaign Fred File is featuring an interview with Charles Gibson.

Rudy is picking up steam in New Hampshire with a key endorsement from the legislature.

Mike Huckabee's blog is featuring comments from David Broder.

The Mitt Romney for President campaign picked up some support today from Alaska, of all places. Lt. Governor Sean Parnell is on board with the Romney effort. This is the perfect excuse, I mean segway, to put a photo of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on our website, and also to include links to more Sarah Palin photos, here and here. Thank you Mitt Romney.

And Tom Tancredo is a man struggling against the world.


Ron Franscell said...

I give Al Gore credit for bringing a looming environmental catastrophe to the public's attention. For a nation populated by lazy, fat, celebrity-obsessed wasters of time, energy and air, it took a familiar face to raise the issue to cocktail conversation. Despite his political petulance and past imprecisions ("I invented the Internet"), I applaud Gore's leadership on this globally crucial issue.

But the Nobel Peace Prize? Pffft.

While he deserves applause for bringing global warming somewhere nearer the forefront of our American conversation (global warming still doesn't get as much discussion as Britney Spears), Gore's a documented hypocrite. He talks the talk, but doesn't quite walk the walk. A carnivorous, global-jetting, mansion-heating guy isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

I won't waste any more of your bandwidth. I blogged about Gore's Nobel more fully at Under The News

Headless Horseman said...

It ought to be called the "No Balls" prize.

Heath - Exec Dir said...

Alfred Nobel would be proud.

Judy Aron said...

Yeah when my son went to Alaska he brought back a tee shirt that said "My Governor is hotter than yours"

The Governor of Alaska is pretty cute!

Judy Aron said...

Um.. Please don't neglect Ron Paul - he is a candidate for President too and he is a Republican.. he is getting some decent numbers too.. after the CNBC debate there was an after-debate poll. The numbers grew … 7,000-plus votes after a couple of hours … and Ron Paul was at 75%. The media is purposely downplaying his growing popularity - please don't do the same. Even if you don't care for him, at least give him a mention - especially if you are going to mention people like Tancredo.

Heath - Exec Dir said...

I had some trouble locating the good Doctor's RSS Feed, which is what I use to monitor the POTUS campaigns.

I've located it and now Dr. Paul will get the coverage he rightly deserves.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

On my site, dedicated to making Sarah Palin our first female President, I put up a lot of pictures of her, her daughter, her son, and even hubby Todd. Come visit.

steve maloney

Heath - Exec Dir said...

That sounds, well, a little weird.