16 October 2007

Another David and Goliath Story

Niki Tsongas is the widow of the powerful Massachusetts politician and Presidential candidate Paul Tsongas. She has had visits from President Bill Clinton, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and a cohort of other Democrats. For the last week of the campaign, she spent $1.1 million for a week of wall-to-wall tv advertising. On the way to the polling place, you might well pass Tsongas Arena.

Jim Ogonowski's wife has sat at HQ for days, making cold calls to voters in the same pleasant, calming voice every time. Jim is out knocking on doors, shaking hands, and talking to people. There is a picture of him in the office on his tractor. On the way to the polling place today, you might look up and see the airplanes on their climb out of Boston-Logan Airport on this gorgeous fall day, just like Jim's brother John did, on a fateful September day in 2001.

David and Goliath - well, just maybe.


neverumind said...

go get 'em Heath.

may the ghost of Rob Simmons sweep a New England Republican to victory.