16 October 2007

So You're Saying There's a Chance

Its noon here in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and polling continues unabated.

The little old ladies are catching up on gossip and comparing Medicare plans - but no one is listening because no one can hear each other. The conversation marches on.

There are approx. 2500 registered voters in Tewksbury 1, and about 500 or so have passed through the Department of Public Works building. Probably the nicest polling places I ever saw were churches, but that probably doesn't work in New England. People complain about the smell of oil here. The workers make the point that it is a garage, and everyone moves on.

A comely blonde female police officer is guarding my Coke and donut at the snack table. She has a gun.

The addresses at the senior citizens community are completely mis-labelled on my list, making locating the voters difficult. The mall around here must only stock Red Sox gear, and nothing else.

More to come...