12 September 2007

If It Weren't Outrageous, It'd be Comical

Erstwhile Presidential candidate and Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich has sunk to a new low this week as he appeared on television to bash President Bush and the Iraq War. Shocked? Surely not, since Mr. Kucinich rightly makes his opinions known on American television almost nightly. Kucinich, though, was on Syrian television, as you can see.

Mr. Kucinich has never seen fit, it seems, to study the views of a real American statesman like Senator Arthur Vandenburg, who was famously quoted this way: "politics stops at the water's edge".

There are Americans outraged about the Iraq War, right or wrong. But to go about expressing that outrage via Syrian television is beyond the pale. Amnesty International sums up Syria's record this way:

"Freedom of expression and association continued to be severely restricted. Scores of people were arrested and hundreds remained imprisoned for political reasons, including prisoners of conscience and others sentenced after unfair trials. Discriminatory legislation and practices remained in force against women and the Kurdish minority. Torture and ill-treatment in detention continued to be reported and carried out with impunity. Human rights defenders continued to face arrest, harassment and restrictions on their freedom of movement."

To have this sitting U.S. Congressman and a Presidential candidate so grossly disgrace his country is appalling. He followed it up by voting against the 9/11 Commemoration. He has gone too far and any principled Democratic candidate should repudiate Kucinich and his radicalism.