20 September 2007

From North of our Border

... in Massachusetts, Republicam Jim Ogonowski is running hard to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Marty Meehan, who is becoming the Chancellor of the UMASS system. His opponent is Niki Tsongas, widow of the former Massachusetts Senator who ran for President in 1992. Election Day is October 16th.

Tsongas, of course, is bringing in some heavy guns to help her campaign in its final days - none other than former President Bill Clinton. That, of course, is how I spell irony. So says the Boston Globe:

Time magazine in March 1992 featured both men in a cover story, "Clinton vs. Tsongas," and several days before the Illinois primary, Paul Tsongas aired new commercials attacking Bill Clinton.

"This is Paul Tsongas," the announcer said in one ad. "He's not the guy with all the endorsements from politicians, because he doesn't just make promises."
Now, Ogonowski is running as the outsider. And Niki Tsongas is bringing Bill Clinton to campaign for her.

Jim Ogonowski's brother, John, was a pilot of one of the airplanes involved in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Ogonowski talks about his brother in a touching posthumous letter to him. This story makes a compelling backdrop to the campaign and the effort to elect - of all things - a Republican to a Congressional seat in Massachusetts.

The Ogonowski campaign is looking for help in its final days. You can contact CTGOP Headquarters to find out how to get involved.