20 September 2007

Murphy Forgets to Go to Work

Chris Murphy is at it again.

The National Republican Campaign Committee whacked Murphy today, for his ability to pontificate about issues and then fail to show up to vote on them.

Chris Murphy is once again proving that he is all talk and no action. After claiming that he would lead the fight to expand homeownership and protect those trying to hold onto their homes in the midst of a mortgage crunch, Chris Murphy didn’t even bother to show up when it came time to vote on the important issue. . .

. . . In just nine months in office, Chris Murphy has missed nine votes. Like the lobbying reform bill that he also neglected to show up for, Murphy promised on the campaign trail that he would hold himself to the highest standard when it came to his attendance on the House floor.

Sounds like another broken promise from Chris Murphy.

Lobbying reform. Homeownership. What issue will Chris Murphy forget to vote for next?