20 September 2007

Park the Car in Harvard Yard ... and such

Former intern Brian continues his writing at the Harvard Crimson, weighing in with an excellent piece on the state of the modern Republican Party:

"The fickleness with which Republicans approach their candidates is frustrating. The top tier offers an all-star cast, yet the party discards them like unwanted wool sweaters. Former NYC Mayor Giuliani reduced crime in his city by 60 percent, but he’s pro-choice. Arizona Senator John McCain advocated the successful surge strategy in Iraq years ago, but he pushed for the failed immigration overhaul. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney turned a nearly $3 billion deficit into a $700 million surplus without raising taxes, but he only recently converted to social conservatism. Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson—well you have me there, I don’t know what’s so great about him."

"But the Republicans want a choir boy for their soldier; he must be a pure conservative on all fronts: foreign policy, the economy, and social issues. But past Republican presidents never have been perfect. President George W. Bush bloated the federal government with Medicare Part D and the No Child Left Behind Act. His father raised taxes. Even President Ronald Reagan, the gold standard against whom every candidate is measured, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, political suicide in today’s GOP."


Brian Bolduc said...

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