04 September 2007

Backstage at a Presidential Debate

I'm here at the Whittemore Center on the campus of the University of New Hampshire where tomorrow night, Presidential candidates for the Republican nomination will square off in the first post-labor day debate. With the field soon to grow to nine (again) and the voters seemingly prepped to engage this Presidential nomination fight, the stakes are high.

Backstage here, all the preparations necessary to put on a Presidential debate are ongoing. The audio folks are checking the microphones by reading the USA Today to passersby, there are a handful of lucky UNH students warming up the lights and mikes of the in-arena television studio, and the GOP is getting the give-away bags ready for showtime.

The Whittemore Center looks terrific - lights, podiums, and cameras are everywhere. It certainly will be an exciting night tomorrow - a sight to see without a doubt.


francesrich@earthlink.net said...

I viewed the Republican Presidential Debate this evening. I thought it went very well. Brit Hume did a fine job. But! I tried more than a dozen times to respond as directed on TV by Sean Hannity to text message in my vote for Sen. John McCain, who showed that he really is the very best qualified. The reply from "FNCTV" amd/or "36288" always was: you texed: 'R 5 McCain won debate' we didn't understand. Please check spelling." I tried to call the UNH, but by the time I did (from AZ) all I got was a recorded message from their Grad School.
VERY FRUSTRATING! The total results have to have been skewed!