04 September 2007

Perillo Nominated for 113th House Seat

Republicans in Shelton nominated Alderman Jason Perillo - an outstanding candidate for the October 6th Special Election to fill the vacancy in the 113th House Assembly District. The opening was created by the untimely death of the Dean of the House, Richard O. Belden.

Perillo was nominated unanimously by the Shelton Republican Town Committee on Monday night to fill the remaining term of Representative Dick Belden. Perillo accepted the nomination saying he would work to “continue Dick Belden’s legacy in downtown redevelopment, in fiscal responsibility, and in fighting for Shelton.”

Perillo will be the Republican nominee for the special election on Tuesday, October 9th to fill the remaining thirteen months of Belden’s term. Belden, a Republican, passed away in August after thirty-three years as Shelton’s state representative—the longest serving member of the State House.

Perillo is currently a Shelton alderman representing the downtown area. He has previously served on both the Shelton Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Apportionment & Taxation and continues to serve as Chairman of the P&Z subcommittee on Downtown Redevelopment. Perillo is a CPA with degrees from Georgetown, Boston College, and Harvard University.

Perillo said three things motivated him to run for the seat. “First, I am running to complete the great work that Dick Belden was doing for Shelton—with downtown revitalization, more funds for our schools, and promoting open space and farm protection. Second, I believe that the point of government should be to make our lives better – to make them easier. Ever-increasing state spending doesn’t do that. Dick Belden believed in fiscal responsibility – and so do I. I’ll continue his legacy as a fiscal watchdog in Hartford”

But Perillo said his third reason for running was that Dick Belden’s wife, Bert, asked him to run. “Bert told me Dick would want me to run—and I couldn’t be more humbled by that thought. I am running for Dick’s seat, but I can never take his place.”

Mayor Mark Lauretti placed Perillo’s name in nomination, saying “Jason’s commitment to the community honors the memory of Dick Belden.” Lauretti noted Perillo’s service as the chief of Shelton’s Echo Hose Ambulance, as co-chair of Shelton’s Relay for Life which raises money for cancer research, and in his service in city government. “Shelton needs someone who will fight for them in the same spirit of community service that Dick Belden did—Jason Perillo will make Shelton proud.”

State Senator Dan Debicella seconded Perillo’s nomination, noting Perillo shared two key characteristics with Dick Belden—honesty and relentlessly fighting for Shelton. “Like Dick Belden, Jason Perillo will always tell you exactly where he stands, and will promote honest, professional government,” Debicella said. “At the same time, Jason will be tireless in his pursuit of improvements for Shelton, as he has consistently delivered in local government and community service.”

Perillo noted his top priorities as a state representative would be finishing the downtown revitalization project, working to lower state taxes, and promoting balanced economic development in Shelton and Connecticut.

Perillo ended his acceptance speech to tremendous applause from a large crowd of supporters by saying “Let’s win this one for Dick.”

Questions can be addressed to Jason Perillo at (203)627-3030.