04 September 2007

Romney, New Hampshire, and a Presidential Debate Live Blog

Its an 'up-and-at 'em' first day of september. Moms and dads are putting kids on school buses, hung over college kids are headed to class, and the work of the Connecticut Republican Party goes on.

Municipal races are going to be heating up as candidates start knocking on doors, making phone calls, raising money, and talking town hall issues to neighbors. Look for regular features here about our friends working hard at the municipal level.

I spent yesterday observing erstwhile Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney here in New Hampshire at a parade and a "Ask Mitt Anything" Town Hall meeting. I'll have a full article on that adventure, complete with video, later in the day. Suffice to say that Romney is a far better candidate than many people grant him.

And last but not least, on Wednesday night we'll be live blogging from the University of New Hampshire for the "First in the Fall" Presidential debate. Check in Wednesday starting at 5pm for that.