03 August 2007

DC Dems Have Nothing To Say After Wild Night On House Floor; Americans Should Be Outraged

Currently I am in D.C. visiting some friends, but when last nights news broke on the Dems. and how they broke parlimentary procedure I and the GOP establishment were shocked, yet sadly not suprised.

Interesting point of news is that democrats in the house have barely appologized about their lack of respect for governence on the House floor. More over there has been nothing from Rep. Hoyer, the Majority Leader and the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Commmittee).

One last point. When the democrats ran for the House in '06 they pledged to run the most open Congress in our nations History.

"We pledge to make this the most honest, ethical, and open Congress in History."
Nancy Pelosi-Christian Science Monitor, 11/14/2006

The question now comes: Where is Pelosi on this important issue? Pelosi has been 100% silent on this outright violation of House rules.

With Congresses approval at an all time low, 14% Americans and the residents of Connecticut are fed up with this due nothing Congress.

Here's the Top Outrages of the Democrat 110th Congress

· The Fix is In – Democrats Change House Vote to ensure illegal aliens get benefits: On August 2, Democrats fixed a House vote in order to defeat a motion that would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving federal housing funds. Earlier this week, the Democrats voted to take billions from the Medicare Trust Fund, force millions of seniors off of Medicare Advantage, and tax every private health insurance plan in the nation, because they were determined to provide Medicaid to illegal immigrants. They did this by overturning a law, originally passed by Republicans, requiring individuals to prove their citizenship before receiving federal Medicaid benefits. Last night, the House voted 215 to 213 to deny housing and employment to illegal immigrants on the annual agriculture spending bill. The votes were counted, but the Speaker closed the vote with his gavel. The Democrats then unilaterally and imperially overturned this result—defying 218 years of precedent. The Speaker reopened the vote to ensure that the motion was then defeated by a vote of 212 to 216, disenfranchising the American people and paving the way for illegal immigrants to receive federal housing and employment benefits.

Democrats pass Largest Tax increase in history: On March 29, House Democrats passed the FY2008 Budget –which sanctions the largest tax increase in American history, raising taxes. The last time the Democrats controlled Congress, they imposed the largest tax increase in American history, and today they managed to top that dubious distinction. Though they get an ‘A’ for tax-and-spend consistency, they get an ‘F’ for fiscal responsibility.·

Speaker Pelosi Requests taxpayer funded travel on Air Foce Jet to & From San francisco: Shortly after being elected Speaker by House Democrats, military sources revealed that Speaker Pelosi requested access to a military jet from the President’s fleet (which includes Air Force I and Air Force II) to fly to and from her district in San Francisco, along with family members and other members of the California Congressional Delegation. After military officials initially balked at providing the plane, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) Chairman of the Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Defense, threatened them, telling CNN that the Pentagon was making R20;a mistake” by leaking information unfavorable to the speaker “since she decides on the allocations for the Department of Defense.”


D.K. Shideler said...

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