03 August 2007

Tale of the Tape: Democrats Ignore Democracy

According to Politico.com's The Crypt, Congressional Democrats decided to scrap democracy overnight in the United States House of Representatives as Republicans narrowly won a vote to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving federal funds under the agriculture appropriations bill being considered.

After time ran out on the vote, the count was 214-213. The count then became a 214-214 tie after time expired. Then vulnerable Democrats were pressured into switching their votes to 'No' - with Congressmen Nick Lampson, Harry Mitchell, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Zack Space all switching Principle for Party interest. At the time, the Chair ruled that the vote was 214-214 and failed the motion. The House Clerk's record today says the final tally was 212-216. House Republicans left the floor in protest. Watch the Congressional Democrats flop their votes here.

For what its worth, the Connecticut Congressional Delegation didn't flop around on this critical issue - the Democrats - Larson, Courtney, DeLauro, and Murphy - stayed in favor of benefits for illegal immigrants while Congressman Shays opposed them.