03 August 2007

Democrats Continue to Run Roughshod over US House

Turn on CSPAN friends. Apparently the Washington heat is making Representatives angry, because Republicans and Democrats continue to spar on the floor of the House. Robin Williams once said that the House of Commons in Great Britain is like Congress with a two drink minimum - tonight, it seems, there is an awful lot of angry drunks in the House of Representatives.

After yesterday's anti-democracy actions, today the two sides seem to have settled into rhetorical trench warfare. Democrats, though shamefully mum on last night's coup d'etat, are slogging through appropriations bills that will likely end up with Presidential veto stamps all over them.

Today"s flare up seems to have come between GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner and Dem Rep. "Abscam" Jack Murtha. Murtha pushed through the journal of the House this morning, enshrining into record the Democratic shame. Sensenbrenner challenged Murtha's ruling from the Chair to little avail. And its been downhill from there.

Democrats seem to be justifying their brazen acts by taking the "sandbox" approach - "this is what the Republicans did when they were in charge", though never did a recorded vote actually get erased because the GOP didn't like it.

We elect Representatives to go to Washington and get the job done. Tonight, it seems, the Democrats seem remarkably content with ignoring the rules of procedure and riding roughshod over the US House.