31 July 2007

No Sense in Crying Over Spilled Ink

The national punditry, always out there somewhere waiting with a quote of conventional wisdom, are at it again - this time grinding their teeth over the potential candidacy of former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.

Dismayed that Senator Thompson has largely been granted a "free pass" from the media maelstrom up to this point, the talking heads have decided that the time has come to press the "Fred Thompson isn't Jesus After All" angle, after of course, being the ones who sold the idea in the first place. Mike Allen of The Politico raises the question of a Thompson flop, despite the fact that Thompson isn't even a declared candidate for President yet. The reality of a candidate who realizes that a 23 month Presidential campaign process is inherently negative for democracy seems to strike fear in the heart of every reporter who rather enjoys the easy availability of Presidential candidates, easy to turn-around press releases, and a general assertion of the belief that you are the man.

Like a four year old in line at the Dairy Queen, the media is stamping their collective feet in anticipation of a Thompson candidacy. The 'Law and Order' star's run will simplify the Republican nomination field somewhat for the media, as they will finally have a Republican candidate that can fit into the traditional 'media on GOP' mold of "conservative racist Southern redneck".

45 days from now, talk of "turmoil" and "money flop" fears will all be wholly forgotton as an entirely new tale is weaved.


Anonymous said...

You seem to really favor ol' Fred.