31 July 2007

Joe Courtney Tries New Gig, Peacemaker?

With no legislation of his passed in the Congress, Joe Courtney has decided that he is now ready to pick up another occupation, peacemaker. The Day of New London reports that Courtney met with those interested in trying to Unionize at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

The Day wrote: “According to a statement released by his communications director, Brian D. Farber, Courtney met with union leaders and employees to hear their concerns about employees' right to organize at tribal casinos under the National Labor Relations Act.”

Of course Joe Courtney doesn’t mind being a peacemaker when 11 of his top 20 contributions for the 2008 election have come from unions. Courtney has accepted well over $100,000* from unions hoping to catch the peacemaker’s ear.

So while Joe “the peacemaker” Courtney’s first major piece of legislation regarding protecting our environment failed miserably, it’s nice to know that you can lean on his shoulder and maybe he’ll listen, after the contribution of course.

Source: Open Secrets*


Anonymous said...

Now if only we had a credible Republican to run against him. I wish Rob would reconsider...