30 July 2007

Pictures From Saturday's Campaign School

Here's the evidence. Over 100 gathered Republicans attending the Connecticut Republicans Campaign School of 2007. Here's just a few pictures.

Chairman Healy talks how to make Blue Red

George Gallo Chief of Staff for House Republicans


GOP07 said...

I attended the campaign school this Saturday. Great turnout and kudos to the CTGOP for so effectively promoting the event.

The quality of the presentations was amazing. Very informative and entertaining. The eight hours we spent in that room passed quickly as presenters interacted with the audience and kept us all laughing.


Joi-Darien said...

To Chris and all the staff who helped with the program (and to all the presenters): It was well worth it! Thank you!

Heath - Political Director said...

Joi - A pleasure. Glad that so many got so much out of it.