05 June 2007

New Member Orientation a Success

The Bylaws of the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee require that the State Central Committee hold elections every two years on the first Tuesday in May to elect new State Central Committee Members. On May 8th, 2007, Senate Districts across Connecticut held conventions to fulfill this duty and, in more than 20 of the 72 positions (about average), selected a new member of the State Central Committee. Tonight, CTGOP held a New Members Orientation Session to help new members acclimate to the organization.

The decided theme of the meeting, beyond the nuts and bolts stuff, was about making the CTGOP into the majority party in Connecticut through hard work and determination. When we work together to execute well-run campaigns, Republicans can and will win - like in Middletown where Mayor Seb Giuliano is governing effectively; like Torrington where Mayor Ryan Bingham is reducing the property tax burden for Torrington taxpayers; and in dozens of other places throughout Connecticut, Republicans can and are governing effectively at the municipal level. With the municipal elections fast approaching on the horizon, we must remain focused on maintaining our gains and expanding our ranks.

The State Central Committee is looking forward to welcoming the new members to the fold and cannot wait to take the Connecticut Republicans to the next level.


ctkeith said...

Is a vow of Loyalty and a vow of omertà required now to become a Member of your State Central Committee?

I think Members of your Committee may enjoy being called "Made Men" and town committee member can now consider themselves "wiseguys".

How fitting that Ronald Reagans 11th comandment has now made the Ct Republican Party the Equivelent of the Genevese Crime family.