06 June 2007

POTUS '08: The Fighting 10 or 11 or Whatever

As an aroused public demanded yet more primary debates, the candidates for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States met in Manchester, New Hampshire, at St. Anselm College to discuss ideas/repeat talking points for two hours earlier this evening.

This week it was CNN's turn to host the debate - this one a hybrid format; 50% was a Podium debate and the other 50% was a Town Hall style - obviously to meet the clamoring demand for more Podium Debates and more Town Halls simultaneously. CNN parachuted in their 'A' Team for the debate, with the full compliment of Larry King, Anderson Cooper, John Roberts (not the Chief Justice), and others live from New Hampshire and backed up their guys on the ground with a really smashing online Election Center. Look at how the faces move when you click through them. If only it were that easy.

With just a meager 518 days to go before Election Day 2008, ten of the candidates for the head of the executive branch of the federal government argued over topics they more or less agree with, for the third time in about as many weeks. Adding humor to the comedy, one of the apparently-soon-to-be POTUS contenders, former United States Senator, "Law and Order" actor, and 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner keynote speaker Fred Thompson sat down with Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes on FOXNEWS instead of participating in the debate. The sixth stage of any task: Praise and honor for the non-participants.

We have posted all of the links for each of the ten, eleven, perhaps twelve candidates for the Republican nomination previously and inevitably, we will do it again. But not today.