05 June 2007

G.I. Joe Courtney Sees The Front

Congressman Joe Courtney shared some of this thoughts on his visit to Iraq and Afghanistan this morning on the Ray and Dianne Show on WTIC 1080. As usual, Joe said nothing of substance other than to inform people that there is a war on there and that the Humvee that carried him and other Congressmen was moving "like a bat out of Hell."

Courtney said the most important thing for the U.S. to do was "use our leverage to push these guys to a political solution."

He made no mention of his vote to cut the funding to the troops in the field along with his Democratic colleagues from Connecticut. Not a word. Nor, we assume, did he tell any soldier to their face, "hi, I'm Joe Courtney, and I ran against the war in the last Election and made good on that by cutting your funding for body armor, bullets and K-Rations."

If he did, Joe didn't tell Ray and Dianne.

Courntey also dodged a question about what should be done about Congressman William Jefferson, who was indicted for taking a $100,000 bribe to set up business opportunities in Africa. Jefferson was the guy who gave new meaning to the word "cold hard cash," by stuffing his loot in his freezer.

"We don't need a criminal conviction to move on this," Courtney said.

That is better than Congressman John Larson, D-CT, who has actually donated thousands of campaign dollars to Jefferson's legal defense fund. Jeferson supported Larson's various bids for leadership within the Democratic caucus.


ctkeith said...

Chairman Healy,

Hows that recruitment Drive you're heading up for the US Army among the Young Republicans and the College Republicans Going.

Carl Slicer, Blog Editor said...

I am the blog editor for the Vernon Gop @ www.VernonGop.com .

I wrote an article on the loss of Rob Simmons from the Congressional seat. It compares Rob with Sam Gejendson, via a Government resource, side by side.

WHY do I put weight on this comparison. #1) Because the Democrats are always happy with status Quo. (Just dont rock the boat).

And #2) Mr Courtney was the campaign manager for Mr Gejdenson. The apple has not rolled to far from the tree.

See for yourself. Rob saved the Groton Sub-Base & Sam saved Foxwoods Casino.

Its been 100 days since Mr Courtney went to Washington & we can hear a pin drop.


Carl Slicer, cslicer, Blog Editor, www.VernonGop.com

ctkeith said...

Hey Carl,

Rob would be just another member of the MINORITY PARTY in the House if he were still there and the chances of getting a dime for any more subs would be ZERO,ZILCH,NADA.

Anyone with a half a brain in the 2nd district already sees the Dems are going to win the Whitehouse and increase their majorities in both houses of Congress in 08.

Unless of course you're one of those who has his eyes closed and his hands covering his ears and is screaming "THE SURGE IS WORKING,THE SURGE IS WORKING" you must see that writing on the wall.