12 June 2007

Notable Integrity

The story is being picked up now on the blogs at CT Local Politics, MyLeftNutmeg, and others. It is certainly worthy of comment that contributors on both sites have shown notable integrity for their handling of the situation.

From MyLeftNutmeg's Maura:

"Others can get their knives out for this one if they want, but I have more sympathy for Healy than a taste to score points off this. It's wrong that Healy drove drunk, and he should and will pay a steep legal price for it -- most likely losing his license for a year, since this is his second offense. But alcoholism is a terrible disease, as is depression, and the double scourge of both is a mighty obstacle to overcome."

And from CT Local Politics CGG:

"One thing I will say about Healy, he is damn good at his job."

There will be some who use this as an opportunity to kick someone while they are down - it is to be expected in this business. But those who have the opportunity to gloat and pass on it are worthy of a respect that seems too often lost in politics today.