12 June 2007

Courant: GOP Chief Healy a Recovering Alcoholic

The Hartford Courant's Mark Pazniokas wrote a very fair article regarding the Chairman for tomorrow's paper.

Respected State Central Committee Member Scott Guilmartin is quoted: "I think the people who were there recognize that Chris is fighting a disease, and it's a disease that afflicts many people and many families in Connecticut and in the country," Guilmartin said. "We strongly encourage Chris to continue to take those steps that he needs to deal with it."

The story of events is clearly laid out - Healy was stopped in Columbia, South Carolina and failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. On June 1st, he entered a plea of no contest to the charge in South Carolina. The penalty may be a suspended license for a period of time, perhaps one year.

Healy is a recovering alcoholic and is taking affirmative steps to deal with the disease that he has dealt with for most of his adult life. ""I'll leave it up to others to decide my fate," Healy said. "I'm at peace. We'll see where life takes us.""

Update: The Associated Press has the story as well.

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