04 June 2007

New Month, Dem POTUS Candidates Debate; Terrorism Reminder

With a new week and a new month starting for the Connecticut Republicans, we are looking ahead to an active June.

In the Legislature, the SuperMajority Democrats are trying to do what they do - raise taxes on job creators and families. There is a Senator Fred Thompson quote that seems appropriate here from his speech to the Lincoln Club in Orange County, California a few weeks ago: "The Democrats, of course, want to raise taxes. They only want to target the rich, they say. A word of advice to anyone in the middle class -- don't stand anywhere near that target." As Connecticut Republicans, we will be making the case for no tax hikes as the Legislative Session draws to a close.

The Connecticut Republican State Central Committee will renew itself this June with the first meeting of the newly elected 2007-2009 Republican State Central Committee. New and returning members should be sure to regularly check www.ctgop.org as well as www.ctgop.blogspot.com for the latest news and updates from State Central. Working together as a team, CTGOP is rising - rising to become a better, more efficient, effective force for the Connecticut taxpayer, for the moms and dads, and for the workers of this state as we do what we need to do to let Connecticut voters know that it is time for a change.

The contenders for the nomination of the Democrat Party debated last night in Manchester, New Hampshire at St. Anselm College. The performance harkened reminders of a quote from the Senate spokesman of Senator Hillary Clinton, noted earlier Sunday on NBC's program 'Meet the Press': "Is it possible to be quoted yawning?’ asked Philippe Reines, her Senate spokesman."

As more details emerge about the nature of a nefarious plot to cause widespread chaos and destruction at one of the nation's busiest airports, a key reminder is served to Americans everywhere: those who wish to visit great harm upon the United States of America remain active.