02 June 2007

A Grandfather's Grief Leads to Sad Day

Senate Republican Leader Louis DeLuca's arrest yesterday on charges of threatening to assault is a misdemeanor accusation prompted by his frustration over physical abuse heaped on his granddaughter by her boyfriend. Many people in this area will tell you, one of the great mysteries of domestic abuse, is the inability to provide protection to the abused when they don't prosecute their tormentors.

From this endless doubt and uncertainty of what would happen to his granddaughter, Sen. DeLuca sought out help from someone he shouldn't have - James Galante, a reputed mobster and trash hauler from Danbury who is under federal indictment for racketeering.
It should be noted that at the time DeLuca sought Galante's help in "talking" to the abuser, Galante was not under indictment nor were his mob ties validated by the prosecutors.

But no question, Galante has long been seen as a shady character. DeLuca admitted this yesterday and will likely be precessed with a small fine on Monday in federal court. I have known Lou since 1981, and there is no one who loves his family more than him. Like any father or grandfather, frustrated and fearful of pain coming to a loved one, he made a desperate move and he is paying the price for it.

We are all fallible, this writer included. We all make mistakes in life and try to make amends for them if we are ready to ask forgiveness. Lou has asked for forgiveness and he is entitled to it. This is a personal matter. The undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the Galante empire, tried to offer DeLuca a bribe and the senator refused. And while some of DeLuca's comments in the affidavit raise questions, no one has accused DeLuca of doing anything other than try and protect his family.

Lou DeLuca is a gentleman, a good father, grandfather, civic volunteer, political leader and friend to all. He has always been there for people who need him and loyal to a fault. We should all pray for him and hope the best for him and his family who he loves so much and tried to protect.


Anonymous said...

why can't you be similarly sympathetic to Democrats? They are people too.

fuzzyturtle said...

uh... WHAT? He's threatening to have a man beat up (albeit an abusive man) when the woman won't press charges.. he needs to get her out of the situation and talk some sense into her.

this dude's a moron. What makes him think that getting the guy beat up is going to SAVE his granddaughter? If anything it will draw the two together, closer, and the guy will beat the crap out of her even moreso when he finds out who was behind the beating.

Deluca wasn't even man enough to DO IT HIMSELF.

he's a thug, just like Galante.

this was a very stupid thing to do. It's really a black and white issue.

ctkeith said...


We forgive you Lou.

And because you're the gift that keeps on giving (to the Democrats)and selling your position to the mob is EXACTLY what we should expect from members of the Rowland/Rell Republican Party we don't think you should resign.

Lou DeLuca is the Perfect Face of the Ct Republican Party.


Dave Colavecchio said...

The Ct GOP should not be defending this. A few facts you have conveniently not added to the conversation Chris. For instance, that Galante was convicted of tax evasion in 99. So he was not very clean when the note was passed. Republican's need reputable people in high places if we are to win. This activity is troubling. I pray for Lou and I'm not perfect either. But then again I'm not a state senator and the minority leader in the senate We need to show that we can take care of or own house. Lou can no longer be trusted. He must go immediately.

Dave Colavecchio
Member of Thomaston Republican Town Committee - in Lou's district.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we've said nice things about you Lou.

You screwed up. Be a mensch and walk away before you cause the party more grief.

Our party is better than this, aren't we?

Maura said...

Hate to burst your bubble of DeLuca worship, but Connecticut law requires police to arrest assailants in domestic abuse cases even if the victim refuses to file a complaint, as long as there is evidence of abuse. If police respond to a domestic violence call, they do not need the permission of the abused person in order to arrest the abuser.

There are ways to deal with domestic violence that don't require gramps to hire a mobbed-up hitman to "bitch-slap" the assailant. If this person is actually an abuser, such an approach could very well cause the woman to bond more closely with her abuser and for him to take out his anger at being beaten up on HER.

DeLuca is not just a criminal, he's an idiot.