19 June 2007

Frank Butash - R.I.P.

Francis S. "Frank" Butash of West Hartford and President of the Connecticut Conservative Caucus died suddenly on June 12 at the age of 75. Frank was a true believer, a fighter for conversative causes and someone who did it with humour and no rancor. He spent countless hours organizing, debating and standing by his convictions to the end.

Many people have a calling, and Frank clearly loved politics and getting his hands dirty by doing the hard work of political activism. We could all learn a lot from his dedication and spirit.

A memorial service will be held soon to commemorate his very full and productive life.


Judy Aron said...

Yes, and one of the last things Frank did on this Earth was to cast his ballot! He went to vote No against higher taxes in West Hartford.

I was quite sad to have heard the news of his passing especially as I called him around 4 PM that day to remind him to go out to vote in the town budget referendum (people saw him at the polls later on), he sounded good on the phone too, and we had a short but pleasant conversation.

He'll be missed.

Peter from FIC said...

I'll just second what both of you are saying. Frank was one of a kind and he'll be missed.

Allison L. Butash said...

I would like you all to know, in addition to the fond rememberances you've left about my father, that he nefariously abandoned his 4 children. I feel compeled to set the record straight on this issue. Because, after all, I have inherited my father's tenacious gene and the wrath of such has yet to be unleased. I am not certain any of you knew his character what-so-ever. I am particularly disturbed by the blatant ommision of his childern in the obituary, I am sure you are thinking that I am angry. I assure you the hatred I've felt for my father has long passed. Then I must be sad? Right? My emotional attachment to my father, also ceased some time ago because on numerous occasions I reached out the Olive Branch to him and gave him the opportunity to make amends. He chose not to. So, you can all miss him, but he's been dead in my heart and head for some time now. This legacy, is required to be told for he was an abusive father in every sense of the definition, abusive.

Allison L Butas

Anonymous said...

Wow.....I knew Frank several years ago through his TV and radio antics. He was controversial, whitty, and intelligent. Who knew there was more ? To Allison I wish my best.....