19 June 2007

Victory In Hartford - No New Taxes!

Despite long odds and blustering by the liberal Democrats, Republicans stopped a tax increase this year. A budget deal was struck early this morning by Gov. Rell and the Democratic leadership which will not result in any tax increase over the next two years.

However, smoke them if you got em, taxes on cigarettes will be going up slightly.

Nonetheless, this is a highwater mark for the Republican Party and its leaders. House Republican Leader Larry Cafero and Senate Leader John McKinney kept their heads, offered a no tax plan which caught on with the public, and forced the Democrats into reality. Throughout the last days of the session, the Fighting 44 slowed the Legislature down and didn't budge, giving Gov. Rell more leverage at the negotiating table and thereby showing what can be done with by sticking together and standing tall for your principles.

Still to be resolved are some details on eliminating the estate tax in exchange for allowing a state version of the earned income tax credit. Negotiators are hopeful on this issue.

All in all, a good day for the good guys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Too bad right-wingers aren't willing to pay for services. They're always so proud of themselves for not raising taxes.

Other than self-preservation, services are the only thing worth paying for.

David said...

Why didn't you mention that the Republicans also stopped all of the tax cuts that the Democrats proposed?

I would have gotten a tax credit under their plan. Now, I'm not getting anything.

That's nothing to celebrate about, GOP.

Anonymous said...

As a Republican I am flabergasted to hear the leadership congradulating itself on a budget that reflects an overall 13% increase in spending over the next 2 years! The Estate tax issue was evidently fumbled by the Republican leadership; according to the Courant reporter, Governor Rell admitted "We all sort of looked at each other and said we never really looked at this". How is it possible that such an important issue that's been around for years hadn't been thoroughly reviewed in time to support budget negotiations. Now when the negotiations are ended the "number crunchers" will do the homework that should have completed months ago. I'm astonished that GOP leader McKinney's take on the outcome, according to the Courant, was that "Its a good budget for us". How can this be a good budget for a party that used to stand for fiscal conservativism? When did the Republican party throw in the towel concerning it's principles of limited government ?

If we keep this up the exodus of working class people from this state will continue to grow and eventually there won't be anyone left to cary the burden of the governing class in Hartford and all the special interests that rely on ever increasing spending by those we elected to represent our interests in Hartford