13 June 2007

DeLuca Leaves Leadership Post

Hartford Courant:

"After careful consideration, and out of respect for this institution and for my caucus, I have decided to step down from my leadership position. I promised from the beginning that I would not allow the mistake that I made interfere with my public office. By stepping down today, I am making sure that my personal issue does not overshadow all of the good work we've done and will do as a caucus.""I want to say thank you to my friends, colleagues and constituents for the support they've given me and my family throughout this difficult time, and I apologize to anyone I've let down. It has been my pleasure to have served as Senate Minority Leader and I look forward to continuing to be a productive member of our caucus."

He issued a brief statement:

Sen. Louis C. DeLuca, R-Woodbury, resigned today as leader of the Senate Republican minority.DeLuca, 73, who pleaded guilty two weeks ago to a misdemeanor threatening charge, will retain his Senate seat.

Not much new this afternoon regarding the Chairman...The Day has the AP brief.


Anonymous said...

apparently more charges are to follow in the galante case as early as tomorrow and current mayor mark boughton and former mayor gene enriquez are rumored to be indicted