13 June 2007

Headless Horseman: Healy Should Remain

Headless Horseman has a post at his blog about the Chairman's story. Hard to say it much better than he did:

Publicly admitting alcoholism is a tough thing to do, as is taking responsibility for one's actions. Healy has done both, and he should be respected for it. And I do wish him well as he struggles to recover from a grave addiction that many grapple with.

There are those who are calling for Healy's skin. Most of these are libs and Democrats who are seizing on a cheap opportunity to try to make political hay. I care not what this group of demagogues and hypocrites have to offer.

I believe he is still the man to lead our party through these stormy political times, and know he has the energy, drive and talent to accomplish significant wins for Republicans across Connecticut. Feeding him to the wolves would cheapen our party, and do wrong by a good man.