13 June 2007

Colin McEnroe: Sympathy for the Bedeviled

Colin McEnroe has a piece on his blog at the Courant website regarding Chairman Healy. This one is classic McEnroe in style while touching in substance. Its greatly to his credit.

"There's nothing worse than a conservative Republican Irishman, because he'll bring all of his natural pigheadedness to a ruinous creed, and he'll do it in an amusing way, which will make you want to put up with it."

"Healy is a large person in every possible way, and that would include his diseases and imperfections. If you've got a monkey on your back, chances are he has a full-grown Rwandan silverback gorilla on his."

"I think Healy is as good, as smart, as spirited a chairman as the state GOP is going to get right now."

McEnroe has and continues to be a friend to Chris Healy. Healy sometimes hosts McEnroe's show for an hour here and there when Colin needs to leave early or arrive late to the station - and Healy likes doing it. Political opponents in substance usually, but friends - certainly.