27 May 2007

Talk of the Bar-be-Que

At three different cookouts through Sunday, there was the usual banter of upcoming proms, problems with the mites in the lawn and why didn't we get a Warthog flyover at the parade. I tend not to talk politics unless bated which is pretty easy, but most of the real people I chowed down with were talking about two issues that ground their gears.

Is is clear the Republican efforts to cut the gas tax and the Democrats efforts to stop it has broken through to the mainstream. They have heard about it on the news and they are pissed. No one believes the current dunning at the pump finds its way back into asphalt, better rail cars or cleaner buses. And many in the crowds I mingled with were state workers or knew DOT workers and get the joke. Many, and many are Democrats, are tired of paying $40 to fill the SUV and find themselves mired in smoky traffic jams and one-shutdowns where three guys are staring at one guy in a hole with a shovel.

The trick for Republicans is how do we keep the pressure on aside from the House Republicans attempting to amend every bill that can in the closing days of the session. I like a lunchtime shutdown around the Capitol next week with cars blowing their horns - right out of the CCAG playbook.

The other, where we have a little time to keep the homes fires burning, is the disgraceful vote to allow illegal immigrants to attend UConn and other branch campuses through an in-state rate of tuition. With high school graduation dates still a couple of weeks out, we should be able to alert parents and students, many of whom are turning 18 and ready to vote, why the Democrats chose to validate law breaking and reward it with a discount education.

So, we are getting there folks, one hamburger at a time.

Send your ideas on how to keep our lasers focused on the Dems to healy@ctgop.org