28 May 2007

Epilogue & Ahead

2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner Epilogue

The 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner met with great success last week as the Connecticut Republicans exceeded all previous records in terms of attendance and funds raised. With the much appreciated support of former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson and the dedicated efforts of all involved, more than 650 guests and in excess of 50 members of the media were at the Stamford Sheraton on Thursday May 24, to enjoy the Connecticut Republicans signature event of the year.

LIVEBLOG Review: The Prescott Bush LiveBlog was a moderate success. We've received some favorable reviews and some complaints about the frequency of posts, the detail of the posts, etc. We had 6x as many visitors to the site on Thursday as we had the previous Thursday. It was our first rodeo with this type of effort, and we are going to make some improvements for the future.

Call for Pictures, Video, and Sounds: Do you have some good media from the 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner? Send them to us at news@ctgop.org and we will post them on the Photo Gallery of the www.ctgop.org website.

Looking Ahead...
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