25 May 2007

Murphy, Courtney, DeLauro and Larson Show Their Colors

Connecticut Democratic Congressional delegation of Chris Murphy, Joe Courtney, John Larson and Rosa DeLauro voted against the funding resolution for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan last night. By doing so, they abrogated any claim to be worthy of representing the interests of our country, our state and the men and women in uniform who guarantee our freedom to debate this perilous issues.

The vote was 280-142 with 82 Democrats joining all but two Republicans.

Joe Courtney's explanation
that he wanted more money for training is particularly pathetic. How stupid does he think the people of the 2nd Congressional district are? The others, well, what do you expect? They are owned by the anti-American wing of the Democratic Party. They are part of the part of this country that drags American flags behind their cars or deface the Coast Guard Academy seal, as some did the other day in New London during the President's address.

They do not believe in this war against terror. They do not see the threat unless a burning building is falling down around them or a mushroom cloud hovers over Manhattan, Boston or Washington, D.C. Maybe Washington, D.C. would get their attention.

This Memorial Day, all of them will be proudly marching in parades, waiving to the crowds, basking in their delirium that they are doing the right thing. Many in the audience will applaud, thinking if we strikes the colors and come home, all will be well if we just turn this over to the FBI, the Border Patrol or the NYPD.

We can all argue about how the war has been waged and the mistakes made. But to vote to cut out the legs from under our troops is beyond the pale, beyond rational thought and bordering on treason.

Congressman Chris Shays, R-CT, a patriot who has taken the time to visit the front lines at great personal risk 17 times, has seen the slow but steady progress to build a new nation. Anyone who knows Chris Shays knows he can't be snowed by anyone. He asks tough questions, does his homework and never stops probing and pushing for the truth. He sees what our men and women are doing and why it's critical to the survival of our civilization. And what do the Democrat want to do? Vilify him and make him their number one target in 2008. We, bring it one. We are ready to defend him and America.

Last night Fred Thompson, the guest speaker at our Prescott Bush Awards Dinner, said it best when he pointed out what our enemies are all about.

"Al-Qaida have a 100-year plan," Thompson said. "We have a plan until the next election."If you are out at a parade and see anyone of our Democratic delegation, let em know what you think. Remind them of what this country is about and why we need to toss them in 2008.


Winghunter said...

Isn't it grand, it only took $20 BILLION of pork bribes to get the democrats to sign on to fund our men and women in harms way...how unusually reasonable of them and what a bargain!

Winghunter said...

How can we stop this nonsense you ask?
Vote for someone that's on our side in the world, on the war and at home, Fred Dalton Thompson - 44th President of The United States.

Anonymous said...

Murphy continues to sell out