07 December 2007

Lt. Governor Fedele Drops In

Connecticut's Lt. Governor, Mike Fedele, has been featured in this space for his showing up in unlikely places before. But on Wednesday, rather than unsuspecting Democrats, Mr. Fedele dropped into the tiny town of Sprague to tell 8th grader Micala Smith that her drawing had been chosen as the LG's Holiday Card for Connecticut citizens in the Second Congressional District. Ms. Smith, of Baltic, submitted her drawing of a "Mystic holiday scene" for the Lt. Governor's Holiday Card Contest, which solicited art from schoolchildren across Connecticut for the Holiday Card.

According to the Norwich Bulletin article, Micala, 13, was quite surprised to learn that the Lt. Governor had arrived to see her, commenting, "Then my principal came in and said, 'The lieutenant governor is here,'" Smith said. "I said, 'Really?' It was a big shock. I had no idea".