26 September 2007

Lt. Governor Says Hello

You don't hear that much about Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor, Michael Fedele of Stamford. It doesn't get in the press much when he goes on one of his town tours, wherein he comes to town and says hello to the Mayor/First Selectman, walks through local businesses, visits the schools, or holds office hours to meet with regular folks. But he does catch attention when he shows up to rain on Senate Democrat Leader Don Williams' parade.

In a quite well written Ted Mann piece, The Day's political reporter details the look on the face of Senator Williams as the Lt. Governor shows up: "Williams kept right on talking, but his eyes widened slightly as a silver-haired man in a spotless black suit emerged from the car and took his place between a pair of reporters."

Mann continues and quotes the LG: “We've never seen a bonding package that had everything in it plus the kitchen sink,” Fedele said. “Clearly, that was an act by the Democratic leadership to dare the governor to veto this bill. The issue is affordability. The issue is not hospitals. The issue is not transportation. The issue is not funding education. The issue is the earmarks.”

The Lt. Gov is a man to underestimate at your peril. He is articulate and smooth, like a political Tony Bennett. Showing up at an opposing press conference and stealing their thunder is an old school move. Fedele took the fight to the Democrats and held them to account for the pet project express that is the bond package.


Anonymous said...

"pet project"

$140 million of the earmarks are the Democrats.

$125 million of the earmarks are Republican.

Republicans make up only a third of the legislature, yet........they stuff almost the same amount of pork?

I'm not a wonk, but seems to me..............it's a little false to spin this thing as the Democrats pork express.

Looking at this from a percentage point, well......OINK OINK Republicans. Play football with this thing all you want, hopefully the public is smarter.

Anonymous said...

You should add a link for CT Young Republicans.