05 November 2007

Weather Reports for E-Day

Fairfield - Republican challenger John Nelson is waging an aggressive campaign against longtime top office holder Kenneth Flatto in Fairfield. Chairman Chris Healy will be visiting the Fairfield area early tomorrow on the second stop of the Election Day Tour. The Weather Channel reports that there will be some early morning showers in Fairfield before clearing at noon. Look for a crisp, cool New England afternoon with a 4:43 sunset.

Torrington - CTGOP Rising Star Mayor Ryan Bingham is expected to roll to victory in Torrington after two successful years as Mayor, in which he reduced taxes and improved town services. Rain clouds should linger in Torrington until after 11am. The day will top out at 49 degrees in the early afternoon. Chairman Healy will make the hike to his old stomping grounds in Torrington after his Fairfield swing. Look for 2007 Futtner Award winner Ann Giannattasio to be firmly in charge of Election Day Operations in Torrington.

Newington - Look for the world to tilt on its axis tomorrow as Republican Jeff Wright may just pull off an upset. The rain should be gone by the time Chairman Healy gets there tomorrow to stand with Newington's Republican State Central Committeeman and all-around great guy. Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon - bring an umbrella and an overcoat.

East Lyme - Paul Formica ran a terrific campaign last year for the 37th State House seat against Ed Jutila, but came up short. The signs look far better this year for Formica as his challenge to Beth Hogan bears all the hallmarks of a successful campaign. It should be windy and rainy tomorrow in SE CT, with the weatherman calling for precipitation until 2pm or later. The sun will set in East Lyme at 4:38pm.

Branford - In what may end up being one of the closest races in the State tomorrow, the Weather Channel says they will be looking at that 11am break in the rain, perhaps hitting 48 degrees. The wind will pick up in the evening hours, dissipating at about the time polls close at 8pm. Chairman Healy will visit former First Selectman John Opie tomorrow in the early evening at one of the final stops on the Election Day Tour.