01 November 2007

Staffieri, Lauretti, Pace all endorsed for Reelection

Derby Mayor Tony Staffieri, Shelton Mayor Marc Lauretti and First Selectman Mike Pace were all endorsed for reelection by their local newspapers.

It's easy to see why. Each of these outstanding leaders have gotten the job done for their communities - leading through excellent management, forward thinking and direct contact with the voters.

In Derby, the Connecticut Post said of Staffieri, who won Connecticut's smallest city in 2005:

"Staffieri knows his constituency inside and out, and has a clear vision of what Derby once was, and what he wants it to be again. Life on the streets — that's what he remembers from his youth, and what he foresees in the future. For far too long, Derby was neglected, its downtown left to fester in a post-industrial malaise. In his two years in office, the mayor has taken steps to reverse that process, and displays the utmost confidence and self-assurance that his tack is the right one."

Lauretti, who is seeking his eighth term, has transformed Shelton during his tenure from a sleepy old industrial town along the Naugatuck River, into a growing community filled with new businesses and residential development.

The Post in its endorsement:

"No doubt, Lauretti can be feisty and contentious on some issues, but few can deny that he's been a prime mover in resurrecting the Valley Transit District, opening up downtown river accessibility and attempting to more clearly define and improve the operations of Shelton's volunteer fire departments.

He doesn't retreat from raising and trying to resolve tough problems, a quality that may at times stymie his obvious desire for higher political office.

Lauretti has served Shelton and its residents well and there's no overriding reason for citizens to not return him to office for another two-year term so he can continue to expand and enhance Shelton's economic good fortunes and quality of life.

The Day of New London gave Mike Pace a very positive review. The record shows that Pace had upgraded numerous town facilities, added space at Saybrook Point, rehabilitated the town's fire house, added major library improvements, and refurbished Town Hall and a youth center.

The Day said in its endorsement:

"Mr. Pace talks about “a positive, exemplary community,” which he says requires having a vision and a plan, being fiscally responsible, and embracing a sense of community pride.
The current first selectman has done well by the town, and has his priorities in order.