02 November 2007

Rudy Scores Big

The Telegraph of Britain has put together a list of America's 100 most influential conservatives and liberals. They have been rolling out the lists all week, and today's was the grand finale. Perhaps surprisingly, the most influential conservative in America is Rudy Giuliani.

"The clear Republican front runner and perhaps the only party nominee who could beat Hillary Clinton in 2008, Giuliani makes the top of our list despite his unorthodox brand of conservatism that is anathema to many on the Christian Right."

For the liberals, the list is downright odd. Our old friend President Bill Clinton makes the top of the list, Al Gore is second, and Clinton strategist Mark Penn is third (?). Senator and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came in fourth. Clearly no one from DailyKos was consulted about this list.

Even more interesting is that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is listed 6th on the liberal list. While he certainly doesn't govern as a conservative by any means, his staunch support of Rudy Giuliani and his prime time address at the Republican National Convention apparently aren't enough stripes to get him off the liberal list.