13 November 2007

Jeff Wright Becomes Newington's Mayor

Avid readers of The Everyday Republican know that we were the first ones to take note of longtime friend of CTGOP Jeff Wright when he announced his bid to become Mayor of Newington. And you saw the pictures here.

Less than six months later, here is the bookend to those previous photos, as Connecticut Republican State Central Committee Member Jeff Wright was sworn in as Mayor of Newington.


The King said...

How refreshing to see Republicans run a textbook campaign based on real issues that concern everyday people, and win a super-majority outright.

The team that put together this strategy aught to be praised, and their talents and expertise utilized as an education source for towns that are lost in the dark; West Hartford is one such town that could learn a lot from Newington.

Jeff Wright and his team have set the bar for all of us. They are an example worth emulating!