13 November 2007

The Chairman's Statement on Lou DeLuca

The resignation of State Senator Louis C. DeLuca of Woodbury was the best decision for his family, the people of the 32nd District, the state and the Republican Party. His resignation does not obscure or dillute the quality of his 17 years of outstanding service to his community and the Legislature where he served as leader and advocate for the Republican principles of freedom and compassionate government.

Sen. DeLuca showed tremendous courage in stepping down from his office and to pledge a renewed commitment to advocating for victims of domestic abuse and violence. He has been an outstanding legislator, local leader and friend to all who know him.

All Republicans wish Sen. Deluca, his wife Alice, and his entire family our prayers and support as he retires from public life, support him in the challenges that lie ahead and thank him for his years of service to Connecticut.


Fly to the right said...

As a Republicna in the 32nd District I echo your post. I wrote a piece on my blog describing how under his leadership Lou is responsible for the thriving business jet industry in the state.

Anonymous said...

When Lou wouldn't wear a wire for the Feds(and become an informant)they became determined to bring him down.
I'm rethinking my "Law and Order" position