07 October 2007

Amann in Dreamland

It was supposed to be easy for House Speaker Jim Amann. He was supposed to be King of the Hill, Lord of the Manor, able to stroll into Governor Rell's office, put his feet up on her oak desk and clip off what he needed from the back of an envelope.

Amann reasoned that Jodi Rell was a nice gal, "hey we served in da Legislature together, and she knows the drill. I ask, she gives, and maybe we split the difference when we can't work it out. It worked for Tom Ritter, didn't it?"

Now Jim Amann is finding out the Jodi Rell does mean business on Amann's comical laundry list known as the state Bonding package for 2007-2008 and beyond. He got a taste of it earlier this year when the Governor wouldn't place some of the nonsense proposals on the state bonding agenda for pro forma approval. Amann blew a gasket on that and threatened to change the law so that he and Senate President Don Williams could override her in drafting what gets on and what doesn't make the bonding list. That pathetic power grab failed. Even their own people saw the Constitutional peril in that.

Gov. Rell offered to sit down with Amann and all the legislative leaders at the Mansion to hammer out the bond package. Everyone showed up by Amann.

Now, after Gov. Rell kept her word and vetoed the Democrat's $4.3 billion deli list, a year after warning Democrats that she wouldn't be playing the game of putting questionable playgrounds, open space and other deliverables on the bond agenda - Amann out another laughable oped in the Hartford Courant Sunday. In it, he complains again that he gets no respect and neglects to inform about his power grab last year with Williams. He also makes the totally bogus claim that the construction of the infamous Juvenile Correction Center in Middletown was somehow done in secret.

The proposal was initiated under the Rowland administration, and was expedited with the cooperation of the Legislature due to a court order. How the contractor was picked was another story, but Amann is clearly so desperate he has reverted to tarring the Governor with the mistakes of the Rowland era.

No one is buying it, especially the poor rank and file Democrats in the House who have been led down this gauntlet by a man so over his head that have expect dorm monitors from Connecticut Valley Hospital to be posted outside the House chamber when Amann next gavels his vaunted 107 members to order.


Headless Horseman said...

Amann really has big ones talking about "secret pools of money."

Why not tell us what the hell that $1 billion to the CSU system is supposed to be used for?

Heath - Exec Dir said...

Is it not $1.875 billion?

Anonymous said...

Jim Amann has been really screwing up with the public and their opinion of him. Just about every blog board is critical of his leadership and in many cases goes as far as saying that he illegally uses his office for his personal financial gain with a charity he is connected to. Most recently is a new emerging website entitled www.dumpjimamann.com. (Not affiliated with www.rfrank118.com.)

But that aside I continue to distrust Amann across the board because of his support for Lieberman. Amann helped Lieberman get Re-Elected after his party dumped him, and if America starts WW3 due to the Work of Lieberman, then I believe Jim Amann should be held accountable for all the future lives of young men and women that needlessly will be lost. Vote him out of office!

The last thing Connecticut needs right now is a “Lieber-Loving tax and Spend Liberal.” While I resent Jims wish to bilk the governor out of “Billions of dollars” to fix our bridges, he has not mentioned a single word about holding those who wreck our infrastructure accountable, and I know that that is a major part of this budget.

I challenge the Speaker to propose a $10 or $20 Tax or Toll for “Big Rig” tractor trailer trucks, the overweight offenders, the 12 ton speeders, and the implementation of proper drainage systems and freight weight standards.

Lets not forget that the last bridge explosion in CT was in Black Rock, another one exploded on Rt 7 not too long ago, both were trucks full of Oil that created infernos and stopped traffic. Should these offenders be our problem? The passenger car drivers. I think not!

Amann should be suggesting real solutions rather than once again stealing the “limelight” after a Bridge collapses on T.V. and you Mr. Amann, if your reading this, should be ashamed of your “Telegislator” style! You should be ashamed that you have no semblence of a plan other than to be a “Tax and Spend” liberal.

This is the thinking that is resulting in the annual meltdown in Hartford. We keep allocating millions to departments and projects that are neither properly managed, financialy resourceful or efficient. I believe that not one cent should be appropriated to any single person or department that is devoid of a conservative plan to get their job done, and done without B.S. cost overuns and budget problems. I believe waste should be eliminated.

With that said I also believe the Speaker needs to force Connecticut to stand up for itself and take a position demanding that our Federal Income Tax Dollars be apportioned back to us as our U.S. Constitution requires of the Federal Government. As it stands the Federal Government annually takes 4 months of CT Citizens income in tax. None of it comes back to us or our state. Not a cent for our Schools, Roads, our Emergency services, or a single social program.

The Grace Commission report or Aaron Russo, featured on youtube will eloquently explain this to any “would be doubters,” but for now, I think we all need to be Mad as Hell over the cronyism, and racketeering going on in our government. These latest budget problems, and its associated “Pork” not excepted.

Join the “Truth Movement” Demand answers and boot the “Dinosaur Politicians.”

Posted by Rocco J. Frank Jr.
Independent Candidate for Milford State Representative in 2008 118th District.