28 September 2007

New Feature: Down the CTGOP Blogroll

We're starting a new feature here at The Everyday Republican. We want to call your attention to some of the other great 'right-minded' blogging going on in Connecticut from our very own blogroll. Today we start "Down the Blogroll".

The first post of note is from Connecticut Commentary by Don Pesci, Carter Does Quinnipiac. Excellent breakdown of the ever-underwhelming Jimmy Carter. No wonder people voted for this guy.

Danbury Politics has a roundup of mayoral media from Danbury. Other than getting sued yesterday, Mayor Boughton seems to be rolling.

Headless Horseman has a great piece on the Chris Caruso lawsuit. Hilarious. Best line: "But he does have the right to call a press conference and demonstrate what a pompous, arrogant, blustering oaf he is. It's his God-given right." Indeed.